How Rare a Possession: The Book of Mormon


This is one of my favorite videos. It portrays the origin and coming forth of the Book of Mormon and how 19-century Parley P. Pratt and 20th-century Vincenzo di Francesca developed testimonies of the book.


Vincenzo Di Francesca (23 September 1888 – 18 November 1966) was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1951 until his death. However, he is most known for his long struggle to become a member of the LDS Church which is documented in the short LDS Church film How Rare a Possession.

Di Francesca was raised in Italy, where he studied religion. He went to New York City in 1909, where he became a Methodist and graduated from Knox College in New York in November 1905. He then became a pastor.

In February 1910, Di Francesca went to visit a sick pastor in New York City. On his way toward the sick pastor’s home, as he was walking down Broadstreet, a strong wind moved the pages of an open book lying on a barrel. This grabbed his attention. Okay, I will not ruin the video with more information. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I do. I’ve seen them numerous times and still need tissues.



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