Remembering Mother


Mother, when she was 22 years old. The little family was living in Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio.

It is quiet this morning as I sit at my computer, listening to the birds and watching the leaves fall from the trees. It is that time of year again when the temperature is beginning to drop. It is a cool 41 degrees, here in the shadow of these awesome Rocky Mountains.

Mother and her twin brother were born in October. Her little twin brother lived only sixteen days. I am feeling a little nostalgic as I remember her birthday. She would be 100 years old had she lived. I remember the fun and happy times, the hard times, the difficult.

Fall was mother’s favorite season. I never thought to ask her why. I suppose it was the beauty of the changing of nature.  Before mother passed away, when I would be raking leaves or out for a stroll I would see a huge beautiful fall leaf, perfect in color and shape and send it to her. I remember going for a walk in California one morning and seeing some wild flowers growing along the sidewalk. I stopped for a moment just appreciating these tiny beauties. Again my thoughts turned to my aged mother who lived over 2 thousand miles from me, so I picked two, a yellow and a purple. I went home and wrote mother a letter and taped them to the back of the envelope which I sent to her. After mother’s funeral, I saw that envelope (the letter was gone) but the flowers looked the same as when I taped them many years ago.


I miss shopping for that special birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas card, the phone call, hearing her sweet voice as she would say, “Hello.”  I miss her so, but time has a way of catching up with us and so I look forward to being with that dear mother of mine again for all eternity.

I remember the times when I was ill and the tender loving care I received, a cool cloth on my forehead and Mother sitting up most of the night with me.

As I reminisce those years around mothers side, I remember all the beautiful dresses she made for me and my big sis. We received many compliments on those dresses. She also crocheted lots of doilies. She would give most of them to family and friends. She also made afghans and quilts.

I enjoyed walking through Mother’s garden. She grew beautiful tomatoes, onions, beans, peas, corn and beets to mention a few. During canning season it was my job to clean the jars. My least favorite vegetable was spinach. I thought it was a horrible vegetable. Mother would say, “You must eat all of it.” 🙂

She was an excellent cook who enjoyed trying new recipes. I suppose my favorite dessert mother made was her rice pudding. I’ve tried many recipes over the years but cannot find one that comes close to Mother’s.

Around Christmas time we would go downtown where we enjoyed looking at the window decorations. Malls were never heard of back then. It was such a fun and safe experience with lots of people milling about, hearing sounds of laughter, children’s excitement, as they enjoyed that moment.



I never heard Mother raise her voice in anger. There was never any screaming or yelling in our home.

Before going to bed at night she would read something from the Bible or a thrilling story from a book. Sometimes she would invite family and friends to listen to a special radio program, this was just before we invested in television 🙂

I remember that when I was a little girl, Mother wanted to make a tablecloth and kitchen curtains. She went outdoors and picked a beautiful Tulip leaf, which she used as a pattern for an applique to make a tablecloth and kitchen curtains. She sewed the appliques in the center and corners of the tablecloth. On the kitchen curtains, she sewed the appliques along the bottom and top borders. She used red and white checkered appliques on a white background. In my mind’s eye, I can still see those lovely additions to our kitchen.



Some symbols of beautiful Kentucky 🙂

After my marriage, my husband’s calling took us to states far from where my mother lived. I enjoyed making cassette tapes for her, just talking or reading a fun story. Sometimes I would tape happy music. She would call and tell about calling her baby son to come and enjoy the music I sent her.

Mother had a real sweet tooth, something I inherited from her. One day I was shopping at Sam’s Club and saw the Girl Scouts selling their Cookies at the exit. I thought of my little mother and bought two boxes which I mailed to her. She called and told how much she enjoyed them, especially the Mint cookies.


Mother, when she was about 39 years old. She was being baptized into the Baptist faith.




I sent this to Mother not long before she passed away.


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