A Son Named Timothy

My sister had six boys, so I wanted to have all girls. My first two were girls, sweet angelic little girls.

pam beck

With news that there would be a third addition I just knew I would have another girl. Surprise! A beautiful baby boy.

Tim W

A lady stopped me on the street one day and asked if she could see my baby. She said, “He should be in a magazine, he is beautiful.” When he was in his late teens I told him this story to which he replied, “What happened to me, Mother?” He always thought he was ugly. When he was around fifteen years old he experienced his first love. The young lady told him she wouldn’t date him because he was ugly, so I think that was when he started believing he was ugly.

He enjoyed being the baby of the family and was a little jealous if we showed a lot of attention to other little people.

One night when he was five years old I went in to kiss him good night, as I entered his bedroom door he said, “Mommie, I’m a big boy now, you don’t have to kiss me good night.” I said, “Oh, okay.” As I turned off the light and was closing the door he said, “Mommie, I changed my mind, you can kiss me good night.” I think little boys are more affectionate and thoughtful. That’s just me.

When Timothy was four years old I got the tape recorder and sat down on the floor with him and we started singing. As a family, we loved to sing. In the car traveling, we would begin singing. He knew lots of songs by heart. I usually didn’t save recordings. A big thanks to their father for saving and labeling this tape.  Years later after the children were all grown up I found this tape of our singing together those many years ago. Timothy started singing one song too high and when I corrected him he wasn’t too pleased. Mommie singing with her little son. I was going to share the recording with you here but I cannot make it happen.

Tim piano

The song, Heaven Came Down was recorded on an album his father had recorded.

Timmy started singing in church when he was not yet school age. Sometimes he would be too shy and we would bribe him with, “We’ll stop on the way home and get ice cream.” He reluctantly would agree to sing.


Timothy had a photographic memory. Where ever I would be when he came home from school he would find me and tell everything he learned in school that day. He taught me the words to This Land is your Land

When he turned twelve years old he said, “I want a brother.” So we adopted a beautiful little red headed baby boy, what a joy he was to our family.

Timmy would take his allowance money and buy me flowers, no special occasion.

I will share a couple of cards that came with the flowers he got for me. They were usually a single carnation with beautiful ribbons.

Watson1963Timothy_0086 To the Best Mother in the World

Watson1963Timothy_0085 Posies to perk you up

Watson1963Timothy_0084 Especially for You







Timothy had a brilliant mind and was writing poetry when he was in the first grade.

Watson1963Timothy_0064 A Fish, Illustrated By Tim

Watson1963Timothy_0073 Thinking

Watson1963Timothy_0065 It's Springtime

Watson1963Timothy_0090 I Think of You

Tim wed           Timothy was ring bearer and she was the flower girl at a friends wedding.



 Graduation dance




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