Health Issues-Funeral Arrangements

dcmc1945I have been quite healthy up until a year and a half ago. I developed a C-diff infection which can be deadly, there were times I wanted to die as I was so very sick and all those powerful antibiotics that I was allergic to.  I took three different regimes of antibiotics to get rid of the infection. I was not over this infection when I started having pain in left side of my neck, ear, headache, and my left eye watering profusely. My husband and I attended a play but didn’t really feel like going. Afterward, I went straight to bed. The next morning I said to my husband, “the left side of my face feels numb.” He looked at me and said, “We’re going to emergency.” I said, “No, I’m fine.” He got a tablet & pen and asked me to write my name which I did. He again said, “Grace, you’re going to emergency.” I replied, “No, I’m okay.”  He then said, “Grace, go look in the mirror when you blink your left eye doesn’t close.”

At the hospital, I was told: “You’re having a stroke or Bells Palsy.” They did some tests to eliminate my having a stroke. “Okay Grace, you have Bells Palsy, ”  the doctor said, telling me how grateful I should be that it wasn’t a stroke. I was given more drugs, eye drops, and an eye patch as my left eye would not close. My jaw started drawing, a real crooked mouth. It was a challenge trying to drink and eat, with food and liquid running out the side of my mouth. I developed other things, too boring to mention. Anyway, I was beginning to feel like Job of old and wondering when my friends would appear accusing me of some sin I had committed 🙂

After all these episodes of health issues, I started thinking, “Grace, you should begin to think seriously about making your funeral arrangements.” I called our local funeral home and asked for prices then I made an appointment to meet with them Monday. Husband and I went in and the funeral director started quoting prices, etc. I told him a couple of days ago it was $100.00 cheaper, to which he replied he had been out of town and just found out the price increase but that he would give me the old price. I chose a casket and color, vault, flowers, newspaper, the works. I felt really good about taking care of all that. Next step, headstone. (The next day hubby made his funeral arrangements). We visited a local memorial, choosing the color of a headstone and the things we wanted on our double headstone. Actually, it was all quite fun. (Just one of those things you can do for a fun day) 🙂

Now, everything is all wrapped up except writing my obituary. You might think, “how morbid.”








  1. Pamela Harper

    I understand. Now get yourself to a gastro doc.

    • Thanks Baby. One of my favorite expressions=”I Understand.”
      Well, I will have to think about the gastro doc 🙂
      Just got in from seeing Denesh D’sousza’s America. Didn’t feel like going but glad I did. Oh my, how these spider bites itch. Just feel like cutting them out 😦

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