Great Wall of China

BeijingI was looking at some pictures taken during the two years I spent in China. The first year I thought we would starve to death. Their open markets with meat hanging/laying out without refrigeration and the stench made us become vegetarians, except when eating at five-star hotels. What I craved most was a nice glass of cold milk, I am a milk drinker. 🙂

We had to clean our vegetables in an iodine solution. One day after class a student gave me a bottle of soy milk. I didn’t want to drink it in front of her in case I found the taste unpleasant. I did not like it at all but later I did find a brand of soy milk that I really liked, I cannot remember the name. They have stores like our Costco and Sam’s Club but membership is free, nice huh? 🙂

Our first year in China during Chinese New Year we took a trip to Beijing climbing the Great Wall. The Chinese have a saying, “You’re not a real man/woman until you climb the Great Wall.”
Great Wall of China
Come on Grace, you can make it.


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