Mother’s Day


wind_1I woke this blustery Mother’s Day Morning thinking about my beautiful Mother. She passed away April 1999. I attended her funeral in Northern Kentucky and asked the minister for permission to say a few words, he said, “just a few.” Afterward my baby brother said, “Oh sis, that was beautiful, promise me when I die you will do the same for me.” Four years later my only brother was killed in an auto accident and I did say a few words at his funeral. He was a Mason.
8th May, twenty-one days later was Mother’s Day week-end. I was feeling sad missing my mother so. I got in the car and drove of all places to the mall. Every where I looked were reminders of Mother’s Day. I couldn’t control the tears, finding a public restroom and an empty stall going in letting the tears flow. After I thought the room was empty I made my way out, splashing cold water on my face, when I cry my face becomes beet red. I still miss my beautiful mother and baby brother so. I look forward to the day when I will see them again.
At Mother’s funeral my brother said, “Sis, I promise I will never say anything negative about your Church again. He was killed in March, his birthday was in December, so, the December before he was killed I sent him several videos. One was Legacy, one of my favorite. When I mailed the videos I inserted a note telling him the brother and sister in Legacy reminded me of him and me, the bond between them. At his funeral I happened to remember the videos and asked if anyone knew if he watched them. One person said, “Yes, in fact he watched one video twice.” I knew which video it was, Legacy. He had a beautiful heart.
My mother was as Abraham Lincoln said of his step mother: “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”
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