Beginning Family History


I am sitting here at the FamilySearch Library (name change) remembering when I first started attending the Family History Center here in Ogden, Utah about seventeen years ago.  The only thing I had done previously concerning genealogy was to look at a few census records, so, what an interesting, challenging and beautiful experience I was in for.

A lovely lady sensing I was new at the center came to my rescue asking me to enter a family name into the computer.  I said, “Why should I they will not be there?”  She said, “You never know.”  I proceeded to type in my maternal grandparents and lo and behold there they were.  Tears filled my eyes.  We checked for a submitter and saw a gentleman who lived in Nevada.  He also submitted his phone number and address, I have met him and his lovely wife making family connections.

The building in foreground which we call the west building was the only building being used with one room of about eight computers the rest of the building housed books, microfilm/micro fiche.  The main building we’re looking at was originally built for BYU extension classes.  This building has four rooms of computers plus other rooms for offices, etc.

I was approached many times about being a volunteer, after a few years I finally said, “Yes, I will volunteer on Saturday’s.”  I met my husband here and were married in this building  that holds lots of memories.  (No one had ever been married in this building before) 🙂

A new building will be built across the street from the Ogden Temple on Washington Blvd., hopefully the building will be completed early fall.


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