My thoughts have been with family and friends who are suffering with physical problems.  After a day at the FamilySearch Library in Ogden, Utah we stopped in Wal-mart and saw a good friend Rene Call who has a daughter Pam, she also has the same auto-immune disease that my Pam has.  My Pamela has also suffered from Vertigo for almost a year.  I cannot imagine having vertigo that long.  Rene’s daughter Pam has gone into remission and my Pam’s has progressed.  Then Pam Gerrard and her mother came by, Pam G’s mother is a lawyer from California who is here to help with her daughter Pam who had breast cancer surgery….the cancer has spread to her brain…Pam G is taking Chemo treatments and she was sporting her beautiful bald head, she usually wears her wigs or ball cap.  She is so positive and upbeat lady who is about forty-three years old.  She is the mother of three children, 8, 10 and 13.  She should have died months ago, she really looks good.

I also think of my beautiful niece Peggy Baldridge who has an auto-immune disease Sarcoidosis.  She has also suffered beyond my imagination.   They are in my thoughts and prayers daily.



  1. Timothy Wayne Watson

    Love your blog Mom.I never thought I’d see the day when my Mom knew how to create a blog and I barely know what one is. Love reading your memories. Would love to read more.
    I love you Mom! ♡

    • What a nice surprise. Thank you for the compliment 🙂 So, there are lots of reading material and pictures here if you can access them. You should be able to. Notice the date from first entry to the second, it took me some time to make a second post. I suppose I need to think about doing another post. I love you too son ❤

  2. Hi, I am friends with Pam Barker Gerrard. I am trying to contact her, I have not seen her since college. I am so concerned about her. I am saddened to see this. Please update me. Lynnelle Salanoa Pugmire

    • Hi Lynnelle, I’m sorry about the confusion. Yes, I do know Pam Gerrard. I see her periodically while shopping at Wal-Mart. She is so positive and upbeat, just beautiful. We love her dearly. I will send you an email regarding her condition.


      I tried to email you but your address was invalid.

  3. I am waiting to see more of your thoughts appear here.

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